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I've been beaten and downgraded..but as long as I'm still br

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I've been beaten and downgraded..but as long as I'm still breathing..It don't matter anymore..What goes around comes around..everything has its time..Stand tall.

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Dec 2

Follow a path, no matter what it is, who's it is, and where it leads.
Every set back doesn't matter, because you can only move forward.
and if your path happens to lead to a place of colour, thought numbers and peace, we might even cross.
Until then, be you.
There is no need for strength. No need for invisibility, and no need for transparency.
All you need is to look forward, and walk.
One step in front of the other, and you will make it.
I wish you the best.

Dec 2

i agree i think that it is always possible to make a comeback.

Dec 2

Karma is a B!tch.


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