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I put my faith and trust in something just to get told it's

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I put my faith and trust in something just to get told it's not working. Its not enough. Do this and it'll get better, no one is helping you but who cares about your needs? If I'm here for a reason then it must be to be a punching bag for most ppl. Im patient, I don't fight, I don't like to argue and I'm respectful yet I still get stomped on. Why this punishment? Wtf did I do? I'm not even a rotten child but I still get treated like sht. Then I listen to other parents who brag about how good their kids came out and I'm like hoorah, lucky them and lucky you god clearly loves you all better than most doesnt he? I try to do for myself since ppl say if you dont try basically wont help you. So thanks for trying to push me until I puke but I cant try anymore. I think I get sick of hearing about god because the love on this now tainted earth is not and has never been equally distributed from people to people. What the fck is up with ignorant and awful people bring able to fun everything? What's up with parents who abuse their children when there are folks who can't have kids who happily even tale in someone my age, 23 and up as a foster child. Work and make money and they'll love you, they'll now how a reason to applaud you. Lots of humans have made this world miserable and people clearly love it because they keep giving them credit for it and sympathizing with them more than the people they keep crushing. You could be trying your best until that becomes your last breath and ppl would still say you need to try harder.

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Dec 2

The scales do seem tipped. But that's why I can't afford to compare myself with others. I spent far too long doing that. I recommend not doing that for your own peace of mind.

Dec 3

I agree with a road to pain for me.

All I can that for did get better. I too had absolutely no help, and a LOT of obstacles thrown in my way, but...I eventually found a life for myself.

Dec 3

Thank you for sharing and I’m so sorry you feel this way.

In spite of all you are going through, I hope you will remain hopeful every day and you will stay strong no matter what happens. Please stay in the forum, we are here for you. I hope you will be blessed by being here and help you to stay well. Take care, God bless.


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